Always win the casino like James Bond


In “Diamonds For Forever”, James Bond comes confidently from the craps table, picks up some of the bets, picks up the dice, and collects his profits under Lana Wood’s eyes that I like. “She,” she says, “you deal with that dice like a monkey processing coconut.”

It’s great to show the winner in a casino. Anyone can always win. Here’s how:

You can set a gambling budget in the same way as the hotel, food, and budget. The money you put aside for the casino has already gone into your mind, just like your hotel money will disappear food. If you sit or under a gambling budget you are a winner. After all, you are in the casino to enjoy the games, not try to make money to pay the rent. Does not make a money bond gambling, he makes his job 바카라사이트.

If you enjoy “games” in the budget, you are the winner, win or lose. If you are trying to change your financial situation, you are already gambling and you may end up losing.

So entertain your history with various games in different casinos, every once in a while a bill slips twenty dollars into her slot machine to start her work. You will tell everyone in your country about doing so. Now this is an inexpensive PR.

Also make sure to get your date on the litter table at least once. Girls love throwing dice. And save your multiple bets only when you or she is throwing the dice to keep the money when others throw it and increase its enthusiasm and show your experience when you and her bones move.

Learn to play hard roads because you do not have to put a minimum bet $ 5 on them. You can bet on the dollar and restore between 7 to 1 or 9 to 1 which makes you look like a skilled player from 007.

When you call your “hard way” numbers, throw your chips in the center of the table where the “hard roads” are spinning at a fast level, making them stop cold near your number rather than bounce and scroll around the table.

After finishing, leave the dispenser on the table changing on your chips and then toss a five-dollar slice on the table with “Thank you, masters.” Such as Bond. When you see your history do all this she has repeated Lana Wood’s line of “Hey, you know what? You’re a great man.

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